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Regular maintenance will save your hot water heater!

blog1We get asked a lot why it is so important to have your hot water system serviced regularly? You wouldn’t drive your car around for 5 years and not have it serviced would you? Your hot water heater requires a regular service to maintain its longevity and to keep it performing in tip top condition. Otherwise, it could be costing you more money than it should be right now.

You need to treat your hot water system, old or new, like a new car. It’s going to work really well for a good while, then things will start to wear and tear. You may start to see leaks from worn valves or you may hear strange noises. Your hot water may be intermittent or you may have periods of no hot water at all. Your water may start to come out rusty or dirty looking. Sediment and minerals may have built up in your tank which may be affecting the efficiency of the heater. It can also cause the system to cease working all together. Once this happens, you may not find that your hot water heater is retractable from this state. You may be looking down the barrel of a replacement that could have been avoided.

You should perform a routine service on your hot water according to the manufacturers instructions. This is generally once every year but manufacturer dependent.

Thankfully, you can save with Northern Beaches Hot Water. If we find that we are not able to repair your existing hot water heater, then we will give you $150 off the installation cost to supply and install your replacement hot water heater.

You can save even more with us we charge a fixed price. We’ll even come to you at the weekend. And we arrive with a fully stocked vehicle so we aim to fix your problem on the spot. Call us today to make sure you don’t get the cold shoulder from your hot water heater.
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