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Gas storage or gas instantaneous hot water heater?

If your gas hot water heater is in need of repair, a service or you are in the market for a new one, we offer a full, fast service on a wide range of gas hot water heaters – both storage and instantaneous. We can supply and install a new heater for your property, and we can repair and maintain older ones. If you have a problem with your gas hot water heater, we can help you. Our fully trained technicians will be able to consult you on your household needs and advise the best solution for you, and our vehicle is fully stocked so we can offer you a fast, same day service on any repairs to most makes and models.

Gas services

  • supply and installation of new gas hot water heaters
  • repair and maintenance on old ones
  • all major brands and models
  • fast, same day repair or install
  • Upfront pricing
  • Workmanship guaranteed

A gas storage hot water heater heats a chamber of stored water by a gas burner. If you manage to use the water immediately, it can be an economical hot water solution, saving you a greater amount of heat energy. It may not need to be as large as an electric unit, and the gas burner can operate whenever required, producing lower amounts of greenhouse gas emissions.

Benefits of a gas storage hot water heater

  • convenient for larger family or bigger households
  • heating is gradual, thereby conserving greater amounts of energy
  • degree of heating can be controlled
  • gas produces fewer greenhouse emissions than electricity
  • releases small amounts of carbon dioxide from the unit
  • needs space to install as the storage unit is bulky
  • rust can be an issue if the storage unit deteriorates
  • you can run out of hot water
  • increased risk of bacterial spoilage

Instantaneous water heaters are essentially tankless, meaning they only heat the water as it is required. A flow switch detects when the tap is turned on and heats the water as it passes through the unit. The units are therefore considered quite efficient with minimal heat loss from standby operations. The units are much smaller than the standard 250-315 litre storage heaters for the average family home and they can be conveniently installed almost anywhere including indoors. Because there is no tank, the water is cleaner, reducing the risk of bacterial spoilage in the water.

Benefits of a gas instantaneous hot water heater

  • you will never run out of hot water
  • efficient – saving standby heat loss, energy and therefore money
  • reduced risk of bacterial spoilage and rust as there is no tank holding water
  • units are small, ideal for apartments and villas with limited space
  • they can safely be installed indoors or outdoors, in cupboards or closets
  • they are generally more expensive to run than a storage hot water heater
  • they can work pretty hard so have the added expense of more regular servicing
  • rust can be an issue if the storage unit deteriorates
  • there is usually a lag in receiving the hot water, increasing water wastage
  • do produce some greenhouse gas emissions

Finding the right solution for you

A gas storage hot water heater is useful for bigger households with multiple hot water outputs whilst a gas instantaneous suits a smaller household with less demanding hot water needs. Whatever your household needs, our technician will consult with you to ensure you get the most economical gas hot water heater for your needs. We will assess your household requirements and calculate the correct size so it doesn’t cost you more than it needs too.

Which Brand?

Northern Beaches Hot Water are specialists in hot water and heating and have access to a huge range of brands including Rinnai, Rheem, Dux, Bosch and more. Access to our huge range of heaters means you have plenty to choose from, and all our pricing is flat rate, so you agree the price for the heater and installation before we start.

Gas hot water heater installation, repair and maintenance

We can supply and install your new gas hot water system and suggest a maintenance schedule in line with the manufacturer’s warranty. Whether your gas hot water system is new or old, servicing it will add years’ to its lifespan and keep it working at peak performance.

Fast, same day service

Our technicians are fully qualified and experienced, and will provide a written guarantee for our workmanship. We’ll even remove the old water heater for you, free of charge. Contact us now for a free inspection or quote.