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Heat pump

Heat pump water heaters

Are you considering a renewable energy source only to find that your roof doesn’t have the aspect or sun required to power solar energy? Heat pumps are an alternative solution, are energy efficient and may reduce your energy bill by up to 75% compared with electric heating.

Heat pump services

  • Supply and installation of heat pumps hot water systems
  • Repair and maintenance on old ones
  • All brands and models including the best in European technology and design
  • Upfront pricing
  • Workmanship guaranteed

Hot water – day and night

Heat pumps work by using the surrounding ambient air temperature to heat water in a tank via a refrigerant and compressed gas. Heat pumps look like any other hot water heater and can provide hot water day and night, rain and hail, all year round in all weather conditions. During cold weather, when ambient temperatures are too low for the heat pump, a booster unit powered by electricity automatically kicks-in providing the household with its hot water needs. Running costs can increase if the booster unit becomes over used.

Benefits of a heat pump water heater

  • highly efficient and cost effective
  • green alternative to gas or electric
  • install in the same location as your previous heater
  • generally suitable where solar isn’t
  • heat pumps are more expensive than gas or electric heaters
  • overuse of the booster unit can increase costs

Which Brand?

We have access to a huge range of heat pumps from basic entry level to the very best in European design. There are plenty to choose from, [INSERT BRANDS] and all our pricing is flat rate, so you agree the price for the heater and installation before we start.

Heat pump water heater installation, repair and maintenance

We can supply and install your new heat pump and will suggest a maintenance schedule in line with the manufacturer’s warranty. Whether your heat pump is new or old, like all other forms of heating hot water, servicing it will add years’ to its lifespan and keep it working at peak performance.

Fast, professional service

We aim to be able to visit you on the day you call for any problems relating to your heat pump. Our technicians are fully qualified and experienced, and will provide a written guarantee for our workmanship. We can even remove the old heat pump for you, free of charge. Contact us now for a free inspection or quote.