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Hot Water Installation Terry Hills

What a week after those storms hey ? We carried out a hot water Installation in terry hills after a basement flooded and destroyed the existing hot water system. The storms certainly did more then just whip up the ocean and the Collaroy beachfront. Our phone has been ringing off the hook with hot water outages!

With the Terry Hills job Our client lived on a hill with her hot water in the basement under the house. During the storms her pump in the basement failed and the whole area flooded. Everything in the basement was ruined. After taking the call our client advised us that the job was an insurance claim. She required a full report on the old heater so as to claim through her insurance. We provided her with a report and replacement on the same day so as she could speed up her claim through her insurance company.

Check out the photos and you can see how the area would have flooded during the storms. The brick wall apparently just made the whole area like one big bath.

The new heater was fitted with a new Duo valve, Pressure limiting valve and Tempering valve.

We can work with you to help you get your insurance claims through when situations like this arise. Full hot water reports are no problem.

Does your hot water heater need a check ? Is it in a basement ? We also check your pumps for you and can make recommendations to protect you and your belongings in the future!

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