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Hot Water Repair Beacon Hill

Here we go again we just love Hot water ! Called out for a repair in Beacon hill and found this DUX Hot water heater under the house on a rock. As you can see in the photo the heater has just been slapped in with a few tiles to level it out on the bottom of the heater there !!

The other thing that is not great with this setup is at the top of the heater we are unable to get the sacrificial anode out. This means without completely Draining down and uninstalling and reinstalling the heater we wouldn’t be able to carry out a full service on the heater. Very unfortunate and not uncommon. You cant see it in the photo but this is a new heater and the old heater was just to the left of it. It had been disconnected and not removed as part of the hot water replacement. Leaving our client now with 2 heaters under their house

We found on this unit that the thermostat was tripping out due to a faulty element. The Client decided to Replace both the thermostat and the element. We also replaced the temperature pressure relief valve.

Before swapping your hot water heater call us ! Don’t get quotes over the phone get somebody to come to site and look at what you have. The location of your heater is very important and you need to consider servicing in the future. Why spend all that money on a new hot water heater or call around trying to get the “cheapest quote” to then have a heater like this which will not have any chance of lasting a longer life due to inadequate access. Not to mention the old heater not being taken away from site.

Want a quote for a new heater ? Site inspections are a NECESSITY !!

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