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Hot Water Repair Elanora Heights

Loving the work in my home suburb. This little hot water repair in Elanora heights was a 27year old heater. Man they don’t make them like they use to! We found the Thermocouple had lived its last days and now failed. Since we carry thermocouples in stock we had this replaced and the unit was up and running again in no time. A quote for a replacement has been given to our client so that when the heater finally goes we will arrive with the right heater to make for a faster replacement when required.

As you can see by the picture the heater is secured to the wall on a concrete pad for support. But did you notice on the right hand side look at the Temperature pressure relief valve and copper pipe running from the valve to the ground. The Temperature pressure relief valve releases excess pressure and heat from the heater. Can you see how it is also eroding the soil which is supporting the heater ? This matter has been noted to our client and when the heater is swapped out we will be running the line further away from the current location and providing some added support for the existing concrete pad.

Do you have an old hot water heater ? Would you like for us to put a quote on OUR system of what you need to replace it ? When you call to replace your heater we can arrive with all the gear needed for an Instant replacement !

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