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Hot water repair North Narrabeen

We were called out for a leaking hot water system in north Narrabeen which we repaired yesterday. 

After our initial inspection we found that the temperature pressure relief valve had failed and was leaking continuously. 

As the heater was 7 years old we offered a complete service on the unit and replaced the temperature pressure relief valve and the sacrificial anode. 

The temperature pressure relief valve is a safety valve on the heater which should be replaced every 5 years. It protects the unit from over pressurisation and over temperature by relieving water from the tank. It most often does its job during the heating cycle of your heater. Rheem states it is acceptable to leak 1 bucket of water per day from the temperature pressure relief valve. 

Replacing the sacrificial anode well that can double to triple the life of your heater.

A little something extra we also just double checked the water pressure at the house and identified that our client had 1400kpa water pressure.  As the Australian standard of plumbing states you should only have 500kpa we quoted for a pressure limiting valve at the water meter. Our client said to us straight away “is that why I have to replace so many washers”. Everything now made a little more sense as to wear and tear of the tapware.

Check out our photo of the sacrificial anodes. Old and new. Below!

Is your hot water heater leaking ? Have you been putting off getting a checkup ? 

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