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Hot Water Service Brookvale

Regular Service of your hot water gets longer life out of your Unit !! This little Rinnai in Brookvale gets serviced every year. After carrying out an annual check on this unit where we check the water filters. The gas pressure both standing and working. We also removed and cleaned the electrode to ensure it sparks for ignition. Remove any foreign matter that is inside the casing (we often find spiders in there).

Lets talk about the 2 main checks we do.

1st is Water filter. Firstly if you do not have enough flow through the unit then it will not ignite. So by removing foreign matter from the filter we are freeing up the water flow and keeping everything clean to ensure we always get ignition.

2nd is Gas.

Standing pressure. Checking the gas pressure at the unit while it is not running now this should always be fine. if its not fine then we are searching out your gas meter and checking the regulator at the gas meter is not faulty and in need of replacement.

Working pressure. Now we run the unit and check the pressure with the unit operational. Again this should be fine but if it is not then we are going to be double checking again the regulator at the gas meter but also the gas pipe sizing and amount of appliances connected to your gas.

How does your hot water feel ? Would you like to be put onto our regular service schedule ?

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