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Hot Water Service

Here is one I have described earlier. We serviced this Rinnai hot water heater in Collaroy and again checked the usual. Water filters cleaned out and gas pressure both standing pressure and working pressure. The reason why i wanted to bring this one to your attention is because in many blogs before this one I have described how we also clean out the inside of the Rinnai unit from spiders and webs and anything else searching for bursts of warmth as you have your shower in the morning. See the photo ? Nothing like a real life Scenario of what we describe what we come across. Just so you know this is a mild amount of webs. Some of the places people have their hot water heaters installed still amazes me how the installer deemed the location as “accessible for servicing” as the manufacturer requires it to be. Anyway the access to this heater was fine but I just thought I would show an example of the spiders. When the unit was opened they were having a little party. All over the gas valve and wires and Electronic control board. We isolated the power and cleaned out all the webs and gave the unit a good once over.

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