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Hydronic Heating Repair Elanora Heights

What a great little job close to home. This hydronic system was in need of repair last night. We received a call from our client in the morning and booked them in same day for the repair.
We found the Rinnai unit on the right not to be firing. After running a few checks on the unit the fault was rectified and the unit fired up and purred along. While on site we made sure we cleaned out the filters on the units and gave them a look over for our client.

This system was quite old but would have been extremely advanced for its time when installed 7 years ago.
The system was a solar system with a buffer tank. The buffer tank was being heated up firstly by the solar. Once there was no more gain for the solar it then went to the Rinnai on the right to heat up the rest of the tank.

The heated water in the tank then provided the heat for the underfloor heating and pool through a coil (indirectly) within the tank. The actual tank water was then used to pass through the rinnai on the left which then would only turn on and heat up the water should it have been under 50 degrees. Smart little system huh.

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