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Hydronic heating repair in Clontarf Baxi boiler

Does your hydronic heating need attention ? Winter is coming and one of our clients in Clontarf needed a repair to their boiler this week.

This Baxi Luna 3 comfort was showing error code e03. We found the fan proving switch to be faulty. After an extended summer of sitting idle the switch was stuck in the closed position. The part was serviced and the boiler is now fully operational. We have provided our client with a quote to replace the part so should it happen again or if they would like to take action before it does happen again we will be able to get a new part in straight away.

We keep all boiler details from boilers we service on our system. When your boiler goes down we can pull up our records (mainly photos) to know exactly what we are coming to see !

I love this heating system. Check out the prehistoric underfloor heating manifold! The thing about hydronic heating in sydney is you very rarely see the same system designed twice (especially the older systems). We do not have a set way here of doing things because Hydronic heating is not a necessity it is a luxury. Basically each individual company who installs hydronic systems comes up with “their way of installing” and no 2 companies do the same thing! But don’t you worry. We love a challenge and with the 8 years of European experience and support network we have we can solve any problem.

Lastly a Big Big HUGE thankyou to Carly for leaving such a nice review on Google for us after we completed this fix for her.

Feeling cold ? Does your hydronic heating need looking at ? We have over 10 years experience in hydronic heating!

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