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Hydronic Heating Repair Mosman

Check out this hydronic heating repair in Mosman.

This week we were called out to a client who had just turned on their hydronic underfloor heating for the first time with our first cold snap of the season. We identified that the system was from korea and had no english instructions on the system. hmmmm what to do. Well we identified that the actuators on the manifold did not operate correctly and open and close when told to by the main controls. Since we could not source parts for the existing system we had no choice but to recommend replacement with a new underfloor heating manifold which we can obtain new parts for with ease. We organised a new manifold and did a complete reinstallation of the manifold and electrics. check out the difference in the old and new electrics.

A special thanks to Steve our Hydronic electric expert who did an amazing job tidying up the electrics for our client.

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