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Solar hot water heater Installation And Repair

A solar hot water heater is the cleanest and one of the cheapest sources of energy. It’s a renewable source that produces no greenhouse gas emissions and it can be used to complement or replace other gas and electricity energy sources. In the short term, significant investment is required for the installation, but the savings in the longer-term will outweigh this initial cost.

Solar Water Heating Services

  • Supply and installation of solar hot water systems
  • Repair and maintenance on old solar heating systems
  • All brands and models including the best in European technology and design
  • Upfront pricing
  • Workmanship guaranteed

The energy efficient choice

Solar water heating systems can provide between 50 to 90% of your households hot water needs. Booster units, powered by gas or electricity, are used during periods of insufficient sun or UV. A heat pump may also be used to back up the solar heater.

Benefits of solar Powered water heating systems

  • cheapest source of energy over the longer period
  • cleanest source of energy, no greenhouse gas emissions
  • government grants available for installing solar
  • need a north facing aspect for best results
  • solar can take a few days to install
  • initial investment is high

Which Brand?

At Northern Beaches Hot Water, we have access to a huge range of solar brands from basic entry level solar hot water heaters to the very best in European design with heat pumps installed as your back up. Access to our range of top quality solar heaters means you have plenty to choose from, including the Dux Hot Water range and all our pricing is flat rate, so you agree the price for the heater and installation before we start. We also take into account the government rebates available to you, designed to assist with the cost of installing your new solar hot water heater.

Solar hot water heater installation, repair and maintenance

We are trusted suppliers and installers of new solar hot water system and will suggest a maintenance schedule in line with the manufacturer’s warranty. We offer servicing for all forms of hot water systems, including solar water heaters. Servicing your solar heating system regularly will add years’ to its lifespan and keep it working at peak performance.
Fast, professional service
We aim to be able to visit you on the day you call for any problems relating to your solar hot water system. Our technicians are fully qualified and experienced installers, and will provide a written guarantee for our workmanship. We can even remove the old water heater for you, free of charge. Contact us now for a free inspection or quote.